eight thousand miles is a sustainable & ethically handcrafted lifestyle label for children (newborn to 12 years) & adults. Their prints & patterns are sketched in New York, hand-block printed by heritage textile-printing communities & sewn into apparel by a small fair-trade, artisan-empowered non-profit organisation in India.

By working closely with craftsmen to learn and experiment, the brand infuses ancient craft techniques with their own contemporary bohemian-chic design aesthetic. Their clothing is all-natural; made of the highest quality cotton, for the comfort & play of free spirited wanderers worldwide!

Craft as a catalyst to create social impact

Their handmade collections feature artisan made textiles in collaboration with traditional textile printers in India, thereby helping sustain heritage craft and providing ethical employment to them and their families. Their block printing workshop is in Bagru, India owned and operated by a fourth-generation printer. Each part of the printing process is done by hand by a member of the community, from hand carving the designs onto wooden blocks to mixing natural dyes and drying fabrics in the fields.

Once printed, the fabrics are sent to a self-help sewing unit, where they are hand cut and sewn into styles, by skilled tailors, empowered by professional training & development, working in a fair-trade environment.

Eight Thousand Miles is dedicated to making a positive and lasting social impact on society while designing fun, comfortable styles for children and families worldwide. By approaching design with a socially conscious spirit, the brand aims to provide work to artisans and help keep the art of handmade textiles for many years to come!


eight thousand miles was founded by Shweyta Mudgal, an architect/ designer who lives between her two antipodal homes of Mumbai & Manhattan. Her globally nomadic lifestyle, love for heritage textiles & appreciation for the art of the 'handmade' led her to embark upon her first capsule collection of separates for children, in February 2014 in Mumbai, India. Conceived as an idea, on many a trips made traversing the 8000 odd miles that lie between her parallel homes, Shweyta decided to name the brand after the very miles, that inspired its inception. 

With a design philosophy that seeks to marry the vivacity of the bohemian colorful aesthetic with the minimalism of a contemporary sensibility, the brand aims to celebrate the ethos of non-conformist, free-spirited wanderers. Those that like many of us, feel a sense of simultaneous belonging to more than one part of the world, refusing to be constrained by borders - of gender, geography or otherwise.

All eight thousand miles' collections are designed to be global in appeal, for world citizens. The styles are simple silhouettes; prints are playful and relatable, with the natural cotton fabric always being the focus. The prints are hand-drawn and gender-neutral, translated from Shweyta's sketches onto wooden blocks and printed on organic cotton fabric with natural organic, azo-free dyes, in vibrant colors.


Press coverage
"All Eight Thousand Miles' collections are designed to be global in appeal. The styles are simple silhouettes, the prints on their natural cotton fabric are playful and relatable. The prints are hand-drawn and gender-neutral, translated from Shweyta's sketches onto wooden blocks and printed on organic cotton fabric with natural organic, azo-free dyes, in vibrant colors."
The journey of eight thousand miles continues...
Playtime NY Gazette - July 25, 2018
"Thanks to it's whimsical prints paired with bold colors, the fabric is the focus of the line....."
The latest looks for globetrotting tots
Earnshaws Magazine
"The beauty of the venture is that Eight Thousand Miles is based upon the idea that limits are relative. Boundaries might confine physically but not mentally. Business can become socially responsible, and run in the opposite ends of the globe: differences are sources of learning and mergers are always possible."
Home is where the heart is: Kids wear designer blends social responsibility with business
for free spirited wanderers
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