Introducing our new logo

Eight thousand miles – What’s the story?
I get asked this question a lot! Having picked a name that suggests a story, for the business, has always helped arouse intrigue and inquiry from everyone we interact with.  
When I started eight thousand miles 4 years ago, unlike most other entrepreneurs, I hadn't really thought through some of the basic branding and design ideas. (At least not to the content of the designer within me). As the business organically grew, I focused more towards the day-to-day aspects of running and growing it while the branding design and strategy, took a backseat.  
In the last few years, the business has a come a long way (literally and figuratively speaking) and as we make some more big global leaps this year, it only felt appropriate to go back and tie up some of the loose ends, especially one that I'd been putting off for a while now - that of re-designing the logo. 
The existing logo of eight thousand miles was drawn up in 2014, when the design goal was to simplistically reflect, the core values of the brand - such as travel, fun and a sense of relatability across people and cultures. The multi-color palette was implemented both to create a sense of openness, diversity and optimism, while the compact round shape was adapted to insinuate a travel stamp. 
While the brand values have not changed, I felt that it was time for the logo to adapt to our evolution as a brand. It needed further refinement into something more lucid and sharp. It's slightly incomplete and transient nature seemed to lack the relevance and spirit needed to tell our now-largely global story.
So, it was back to the drawing board - to create multiple iterations of an effective logo that would be simple, versatile, appropriate and timeless in it's appeal. The new design brief involved considering key values that we as a brand, have come to stand for – values such as being 'hand-made', story-telling, a sense of free-spirited wander, global connect and relatability, sustainability and an ethical work culture. It was time to go loud and clear and accentuate the colorful palette that we started with, 4 years ago.
With a little help from a small focus group put together, from the diverse pool of inspiring designer/ entrepreneur friends that I feel so lucky to have, I hashed out many a new versions and revisions.
Until I finally came upon this one, which seemed to tell our story just right!
new logo
And so here it is – our new logo – where the unabashed multicolored hand-painted blob of a globe, helps provide a sense of openness, diversity and wander. In keeping with the strong prelude our brand name provides – the text  has been used to suggest our connectivity and journey across two antipodal parts of the world, separated by the ‘miles’ that continue to inspire us. 
The logo is also designed to easily adapt and relate to – in a colored or a black and white text only version.
This duality in attribute was maintained to translate across the various co-laterals that were designed subsequently and will now gradually unfold, as we get ready to showcase our line in front of industry buyers, this weekend!
I think this logo stays true to our roots yet reflects our evolution while giving a sense of 'freshness' to our story! It has taken several weeks of development to arrive here and now that we have, I am really excited about it and would love to hear what you think!
Let us know your thoughts. And as always, thank you for being a part of our miles :)  
Founder, Designer